Meteor Idle CPU utilization is high

I’m trying to set up my Meteor apps on AWS EB and I’ve successfully deployed 2. Weird thing is one of them is using 30% CPU when idle, as opposed to 0.3% on the other one.

Both are running METEOR@, both are on t2.large EC2 instances. I previously had the apps on Galaxy without any issues (have to make the switch because we got a generous amount of credits from AWS)

The only difference is the app that’s idle at 30% has Meteor settings be loaded on startup and the other one doesn’t use any Meteor settings since it’s just used to connect to the DB and display info (as a microservice)

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Are you using node 4.6.2?

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AWS EB only let’s me use NodeVersion: [0.10.46, 0.10.48, 0.12.15, 0.12.17, 4.4.6, 4.6.1, 5.12.0, 6.2.2, 6.9.1]

Should I try it with 4.6.1? Right now it’s 6.9.1

Switching to node 4.6.1 did the trick, after looking at a different post in the forum, found many people having issues with Node 6+