Meteor : <image> doesn't work?


I’m simply trying to display an image on a page.
The image is in a template that is dynamically rendered by Blaze.
I placed the image at /public/images/ and the template code is :

<template name="Index_page_noroutes">
    <div class="parent">
        <image class="img-fluid" src="images/comingsoon.png" height="2160" width="3840" />

I tried everything but every time NOTHING is displayed. What I mean is that the image element takes no space on the page it’s like it doesn’t exist and I really don’t get why. I tried everything in CSS or HTML.

I use Meteor 1.3.

Oh and if I go on localhost:3000/images/comingsoon.png my browser display the image correctly.

What can I do ?

Try src="…/images/comingsoon.png".

Nothing changed. The link that the browser build is correct : localhost:3000/images/comingsoon.png
It’s correct. But nothing is displayed.

And what happening if you use the <img class="img-fluid" src="images/comingsoon.png" height="2160" width="3840" /> tag?

I am using the image tag. The browser have the right html code but the img is not displayed.
I even tried an image that is not hosted on the server but one from google at random, nothing.

<image> isn’t a valid HTML tag. <img> is.

Unless you’re using some system that lets you define custom tags, <image> won’t work.

i spent too much time on js apparently >< thx I was going crazy looking at this line.