Meteor Impact 2021 is going to happen!

I’m happy to announce that Meteor Impact 2021 is going to happen and is scheduled for 21. ~ 22.10.2021 in the same way like this year, but with much more time to prepare.

We will leave the 2020 Impact website on the current domain for a little bit while, before changing it to the 2021 event:

So what to expect? Pretty much what you have seen this year. Two day event with talks scheduled so that everyone around the world can be part of a live talk or a hangout session at one point or another.
For 2021I want to expand on companies presentations and there are some awesome new features that Pathable has build which we will utilize. We now also have a longer time to prepare talks and my hope is to get even wider range of speakers across the world and with that even greater topics, but that is still a few months from now.

That is it for now. Stay tuned for more information!


Good news. Put me down for a presentation Jan!


I’m logged in at When I click “Register for the Conference,” I see this button:

If you are authenticated it means you are already signed up. So you are ready.

You can add Talks to your agenda or just be online when the talks are happening :slight_smile:

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Hello, Looking forward to watching the video replays for Meteor Impact 2021. Assuming they’re going to be uploaded on MeteorJS Youtube channel?

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Hey @quangv, yes! We will be uploading them here: Meteor Impact 2021 - YouTube

Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:


Thanks everybody for organising this event!

As last year, I was taking notes – they are definitely not substitution to watching the talks – more like a reference to revisit and refresh some parts :slight_smile:

My favourite talks were Performance from @radekmie , Security from Feliks, and Development lifecycle from Fabio & @gywem1989 :pray:


I was waiting for this, thank you @strajk <3

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This is awesome, thanks for sharing!

Thanks a lot @strajk ! :slight_smile:

Is there anyway to watch a VOD of the streams?

You can watch the talks on the conference page and on YouTube: