Meteor in an Australian server


Because Galaxy is not available in an australian server (already did a request at ), is AWS the best way to go? any recommendations? will it work ok with MySQL (Amazon RDS) and the numtel-mysql package?

Right now I’m pushing for meteor to be our company’s framework but issues like this is a deal breaker, hope I can find a solution soon before my boss decides to drop Meteor for something else.


AWS doesn’t offer an Australian region. Galaxy is just PaaS using docker and AWS. Heroku uses AWS also. Likely whatever framework/platform you choose will have the same issue.

Bluemix has better regional support for you. It is truly awesome although I have only played with it and ok I used to work for IBM Australia but promise no bias. Other hosting solutions are available.

Are you getting serious latency build up? Are all your users in Australia? Why use AWS at all? Have you thought about hosting yourselves? There are numerous advantages eg. cost, performance and security over just eating up whatever docker dogfood is available on AWS.

On the issue of your company’s framework I would say simply ‘Eggs’, ‘Baskets’. Beware lock in. Embrace a range of technologies. Keep it agile and open. There is nothing wrong with having a diverse ecosystem. I expect you will have Go and Python or Ruby and some C and BASH and who knows what as well as Meteor. Why limit your toolbox to one albeit very nice multi-tool? What advantages are conferred by having a single framework? They are probably imaginary and you may find that you are doing premature optimisation.


@chulian you can deploy your app easily in any server you want, galaxy offers some out-of-the-box tools to scale it seamlessly so you won’t invest in devops.

May I ask. Why MySQL ?


@hollerith it does Asia Pacific (Sydney)

@diaconutheodor problem with galaxy is no server for au, mysql is to support legacy projects and customer requirements regarding using an ACID compliant db for business critical data. Additional to that we already paying for an AWS business support plan.


ap-southeast-2 region yes sorry my bad. Must be new? Galaxy should be able to offer it therefore. Perhaps if you prevail upon them - I don’t use Galaxy so I don’t know how you’d specify the region. For mysql - where is that hosted? Are you pumping data from MySQL into Mongo? If it is on Amazon also I imagine that would reduce roundtripping.


Sadly galaxy doesn’t offer an AU server, even if it did it’s price is a deal breaker, my boss won’t dig the price increase for a performance we don’t need (due to the small nature of our sites).

mysql hosted in AWS RDS (our sites are also with AWS), and failed to make a clean mongoless deploy to AWS, currently meteor is too dependent of mongo… so my company decided to drop meteor from its candidates (for now? until meteor is db agnostic), will try to be active in the forums to keep track of apollo.


Look MySQL on top of Meteor is a pretty hard sell? You lose certain Meteor USPs and gain all the risks of being on the burr of a bleeding edge, I suppose you’ve good reasons for sticking with MySQL too. It’s not that hard to migrate data to Mongo (stored procedures ymmv!) With any of these new frameworks, I would not stray far from the path beaten by the developers. It is a shame but I do wonder where Meteor is going currently anyway. Chin up mate!


@hollerith You are not correct. you can find a lot of useful libraries in NPM. If you want reactivity for MySQL you’ll have to wait for it, the rest is stable and can be used without worry.

With any of these new frameworks, I would not stray far from the path beaten by the developers. It is a shame but I do wonder where Meteor is going currently anyway. Chin up mate!

Please elaborate :slight_smile:


Just curious, is Galaxy not available to customers outside of the US or is there another reason why you need a domestic host?


Galaxy is also available in EU West (Ireland), but I suspect the reason is down to latency.


USP - unique selling point. e.g. Reactivity. You lose that. But don’t listen to me - you go for it! Personally I can’t see the point in makeshifts.


thanks for the advice, for now Meteor is sitting on the bench until its db agnostic, looking forward to Meteor 1.5