Meteor in Flip Flops camp - we are ✈ to ☀ 🌴 Las Palmas 🌴 again


We had a blast at the original Meteor in Flip Flops coding bootcamp in Las Palmas. You can read about it on Meteor blog, Xavier - participant’s write-up and 4 participants from 23:seconds blog post.

Now, we are going to Gran Canaria again, where we will drop an anchor for a week of learning and coding with trainers from Q42.
If you have enough of your desk and staring at the wall when you struggle, join a bunch of 20 web developers, learn and build projects together… in flip flops.
( :airplane:, :palm_tree:,:sunny:,:surfer: ) => < Meteor in Flip Flops v 2.0 />


Whoop! I’m really excited to be tutoring together with Jasper. We’ll be working on the material over the coming months, so any input you have is appreciated.


Yeah! Looking forward to teach you guys and be in Las Palmas at the same time :slight_smile: As jaap said, input is very welcome while we prepare the materials.