Meteor in Los Angeles?

Is there an active Meteor community in Los Angeles? I’m sure there are plenty of Meteor developers here but the Meetup schedule looks pretty spotty. I just relocated here from NY and was hoping to find the same level of activity. I’m not a developer by trade but learned Meteor (alongside HTML and Javascript) to build a prototype of an idea I had (hoping it can eventually turn into a market-ready product). I always found the NY Meetups helpful.

I’m in LA and would like to meet up. :slight_smile:

Hey Brendan,

I am in LA and would also love to meet up.

Hi! We’ve (Reaction Commerce) hosted the Meteor meetup several times and would like to organize it again in the near future. It’s true… there hasn’t been a meetup in a few months, but the last couple meetups we had were very well attended. I’d propose that we try to organize a new one in the next 30-60 days… be great if a Meteor community manager could help out, as there is a large community of Meteor developers here in LA.

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That’s great! I have to admit my motivations are selfish, as I certainly learn more about Meteor from the community than any of you would learn from me. But I hope I can help in some way.

Please post the signup url so we can sign up in advance so as not to miss it.

There used to be a regular LA Meteor meetup a couple years ago, it was always at WorkPop’s HQ. Search on I’m in LA and am always interested in the community!

Hi all, all set - we’ve scheduled meetup in August.

Awesome! I just signed up.