Meteor in Windows 10 command prompt stuck usually

I am building my meteor application on windows 10. Most of the time when i start meteor from the command prompt it gets stuck at a stage until i press a key. I am not sure if this has anything to do with the library meteor is using to read input from the command or something else.

Hey man, I’ve been using the Node.js command prompt as opposed to standard Windows from the start and it works like a dream.

On windows, I use ConEmu, split it to get two cmd prompts and have one running whilst the other can install packages.

Having said that, Ubuntu 14.04 dual boot is alot less hassle development-wise, have been on that for the last year and not going back.

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What is Node.js command prompt? Is it an alternative to the default windows command prompt? Googled but coulndnt find a command prompt built with nodejs.

I am going to trur ConEmu/ Thjanks mate. and i will let you know if it still gets stuck. It did get stuck when i tried powershell command and also another thirdparty. so not sure if it is a windows 10 issue. are u using windows 10?

If you download the stable release on the node.js main site the shell should automatically be available in your Windows apps

ewww powershell… no, I was using 8.1 pro

I can vouch for this, ConEMU is absolutely great! I’ve set it up to look similar to Sublime Text, and configured it quite a bit :sunny: totally worth it - especially the tabs are great!

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