Meteor index.html not being refreshed on change for mobile app


I’m noticing that for my Meteor mobile app that the index.html isn’t being updated when I redeploy to the server. I MUST rebuild the APK/IPA and redistribute that to our App Store. This defeats the purpose for using Meteor to hot code push to my clients. Shouldn’t it be updating?

When I was using Meteor Rider (pre-Meteor 1.x days), I didn’t have this problem, mainly because it had its own index.html.

I can rename the file to something other than index.html. Is that what is recommended?


Meteor should definitely detect changes to your files and push a new version to clients when you redeploy. Rebuilding and redistributing the app shouldn’t be required (unless you make changes to the list of Cordova plugins).

I’m trying to understand your issue, but it seems I’m missing some context. What do you mean by index.html here? Is this a file you wrote yourself and that contains head and body sections? If so, the name shouldn’t matter. Meteor will scan all HTML files and use the head and body sections to generate code that will be used to construct the initial page when the app loads.

Or are you talking about the bootstrap index.html that Meteor generates and that contains references to all the JS/CSS required for the app? But then I don’t understand what you mean by possibly renaming it?

What exact steps are you taking, what do you expect to happen, and what actually happens?


I would agree but something specific to index.html is not taking updates.

So, index.html is a file in my project that has the basics for my app. This is the name I gave it. If I rename that file to something other than index.html, it appears updates take as normal when I redeploy to the server.

It seems to be a bug and I’ll report it as such in the Meteor Github.


As it turns out, it doesn’t matter if it’s index.html or not as I renamed the asset to something else and the problem still occurred.

I’ve reported this to the Meteor Issues tracker here.