Meteor install stuck at 0.1% download

Trying to install on a fresh ubuntu installation but the download does not move beyond 0.1%:

$ curl | sh
#=#=-#   #                                                                                               
Downloading Meteor distribution

I did not find anything on google or forums referring to this problem. Can anyone help me?

It just ticked to 1.5%…

This is going to be a long night.

It looks like you are not on Windows, but if you are - don’t use WSL. It’ll cause more problems than it’s worth. On Windows, the installer download through chocolaty is flaky as all heck (actually, so is the update process for any given project). I usually on a Fresh copy have to restart multiple times, as it stalls and the only way to get it to continue is to restart the whole system - because Windows.

Yeah, I met that problem. Enough to actually set up a dual boot with Ubuntu and try the linux way.
It’s weird, on OSX I never had a problem with the install.

It’s not a problem all the time - just during install, or when updating. For updating, it’s more reliable if you increment the version in .meteor/release and then just run the application. For install, I usually only have to run the chocolaty installer 2 times. It almost always works the second time (right after a restart). Just make sure you disable Windows Defender before you do it (and if you use any other anti-virus, I’m sorry for you).

The problem is I am NOT using windows or chocolatey, I need it to work the sh way. and it won’t download…

Trying to download 1.8.2-rc.10 was very slow yesterday. This was normally fast. This might be the 3rd time I experienced slow download for meteor

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