Meteor installation error for windows 7 64bit

i install meteor.js on the official website. and after installation. every time i type meteor or meteor --version i recieved an error in the command propmt:

hasStacks = !!e.stack;

RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

i already reinstalling it. also removing node and npm in my system. any solution for this?

Hey there,
I’m having the same issue. Did you solved the problem?

Thanks in advance for any help.

bro I think the problem for me is that in the webstorm IDE, its has so many pre installed items like node.js, my solution is to install meteor on different partition in my computer.

Hmm, Meteor uses it’s own internal packaged version of Node and Mongo though, so that shouldn’t matter (at least on Linux it does).

I used to develop in Meteor on Windows, but there were always small random issues popping up. After switching to Linux everything has gone much smoother (MacOS is probably good too).

i really dont know what cause the issue on my windows computer. my conclusion is that. when webstorm ide is installed. meteor wont work. while on the other hand. without webstorm. i can use meteor withoit any issue and i use sublime as substitute to webstorn

Thank you both.
It would not hurt trying to install it in a different partition, although I have been contemplating a linux installation on my desktop.
At any rate, I recently bought a laptop and will try the installation on it and see what happens, after I try solution one-partition-. Subsequently I’ll probably install Linux on my desktop .
Thank you.

Hello again,
I solved the problem. I removed node.js and tried again and it worked.