Meteor Installer for Windows (beta)

Hey, we have great news.

In collaboration with @zodern we are releasing today the new Meteor Installer for Windows.

The old (current) installer is using Chocolatey what was not providing the best experiencie for Windows Developers.

You can read everything about the new installer here.

But if you just want to know how to use it, here you go.


The new installer is using npm, so you need to have Node.js installed in your Machine.

Then in your Windows Terminal run:

npm install --global meteor

It will install Meteor in your Windows machine. :tada:

If you already have Meteor installed it’s not going to do anything.

Why is this beta?

We are considering this version as a beta not because it’s not finished but because we want community feedback before we update our instructions on Install the Latest Version of Meteor! and everywhere else. This version is going to install latest Meteor (2.1).

What is next?

We also want to have this installer for Unix but as the Unix installer today is running fine we decided to prioritize Windows.

We also want to optimize Meteor for Windows, we are aware that sometimes Meteor is getting in a weird state on Windows, mostly when creating new apps. We have tracked this in this issue here. We even tried a workaround here but it didn’t work.

Please share your feedback below about the installer :wink:

BTW, this new installer is specially important for newcomers, so they don’t need to install a bunch of stuff to run Meteor. We are always working to make the first experience with Meteor as good as possible :smiley:


so this only work for windows now?

Yes, for now.

But we want to have the same installer for all the platforms.


Tried this out on a fresh Windows build, worked perfectly. Had to install nvm for PS and grab the latest node first.

Edit: probably worth mentioning that I had previously set the env var LOCALAPPDATA=C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData\Local for a node cli.js install error – probably worth putting in a troubleshooting section.