Meteor Instance ID



I needed to integrate a parameter in my meteor application that allows me to clean up certain caching systems inside my application every time the meteor instance is restarted.
(my case study here:

already there is a global variable in meteor that is generated uniquely for each instance?

Or should I generate a random variable in Meteor.startup ???

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I think that’s the way to go. Obviously, if you use multiple server instances in an application, there will be an ID for each.

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This package was designed specifically for that purpose…


Great very interesting, can I use this? and it works with multiple instances?


Of course you can, and yes the package was designed as a way to run server specific cleanup tasks when a server goes down.

If you are doing cleanup, and don’t need the serverId for some other reason. There is the ServerPresence.onCleanup method to register a callback to run when your app exits.

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