Meteor Interviews episode 10: What the fork? Clinical Meteor and industry-specific distributions with Abigail Watson


The 10th interview in the series. I talked with Abigail Watson about the Clinical Meteor project, forking, and whether Meteor should be a cathedral or a bazaar. We get into the current discussion about the effects of Meteor opening up and becoming less opinionated.

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Thank you, but juste a suggestion. Could it be possible to provide a transcription of your interviews ? I know it’s probably a lot of work, but i’m not a big fan of the video format which goes to its own pace, often not compatible with our own loaded days.


@vjau Honestly I don’t think enough people would find that valuable to be worthwhile. I guess I’d never say “never”, but I can’t really justify the cost & time right now. I’d rather use that time to write a blog post. :smile: