Meteor + Ionic tutorial: Cannot find module "meteor-client"

I’m working my way through the tutorial for Ionic, Angular2 and Meteor, using Meteor 1.6. When I get to the end of Step 4: Realtime Meteor Server and run ionic serve, I get the following error:

Runtime Error: Cannot find module "meteor-client"

To double-check that this is not pilot error, I cloned the official Github repository (see previous edit for the lirk) and ran git checkout 7c188b53.

When I ran ionic serve on the repository in this state, I got the same error.

Is this due to a change in Meteor 1.6? What do I need to do to fix this, so that I can continue with the tutorial?


I applied the steps described here Cannot find module "meteor-client" · Issue #70 · Urigo/Ionic2CLI-Meteor-WhatsApp · GitHub

$ git clone
$ cd Ionic2CLI-Meteor-WhatsApp/
$ meteor npm install sharp
$ npm install
$ npm run meteor-client:bundle
$ npm run api # skipped because it causes an error
$ ionic serve

Now the app is running. Not running correctly, but not showing only errors in the browser page.

Instead of showing chat messages read in from MongoDB, a number of errors like the following are now shown in the console:

Failed to load resource: net::ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED :3000/sockjs/info?cb=h943m3ecdt

Perhaps these steps should be added to the tutorial? The question now seems to be: how to get MongoDB working correctly.