Meteor - Ionic - unused CSS


Hi all,

I’ve used Ionic - Meteor to create a full scale app, nearly ready to deploy to the app store (IOS testflight beta soon, using Cordova). Very excited, and think Meteor + Ionic is a great platform.

My concern is regarding unused CSS. When I run an audit from Chrome Dev web tools, I see many warnings regarding 95% unused css per page. I also know I have a lot of CSS that can be consolidated / cleaned up.

Before I start to do this clean up by hand (ugh) - is there a suggested tool / process to lean up my app?


You could look into using uncss for this, with the help of the juliancwirko:postcss package. There have been issues leveraging PostCSS plugins with Meteor 1.4.1+ though, so you might be up for a bit of a challenge. Give it a shot though and keep us posted!