Meteor/Ionic vs Ionic+Firebase

I’m tasked to build an IonicFramework-based mobile app. Since AngularJS is now officially supported at Meteor, I’m now torn between using either Ionic on Meteor or Ionic with Firebase (as the db). A few thoughts:

  1. Ionic + Firebase could be a good choice. Its straight-forward, not a layer on top of anything (ie Meteor). However, I’m not sure if Firebase’s learning curve is manageable and while I don’t see any backend processes for now, Meteor’s server functionalities can come in handy – which is obviously not available with this option.

  2. Ionic on Meteor - I’ve been using Meteor for a while now and pretty much comfortable with it. I haven’t tried the new angular/ionic integration yet, though. I’m not sure about support or how well it interacts with Meteor. There are also some plugins that are ionic centric that may or may not work with Meteor.

What are you thoughts? How would you proceed?

Any thoughts on this?

There have been a number of discussions about firebase vs meteor here already and the arguments remain the same. It’s only a search away