Meteor IOS app not working

I’m following the todo-react app and when I deploy to mobile it all works fine with simulator. When I connect my device it doesn’t launch. I clicked RUN on the xcode to see if that will work and after that it gave me a lot of errors. Am I not allowed to use the RUN button? It happened to me twice. I have a developer account and my device is signed. Maybe because I’m using the newest IOS?

What version of Meteor are you using? What errors do you get?

I’m using the newest. I get this yellow triangle and it shows 19 errors. I have no clue what it’s all about.

By newest, do you mean Meteor 1.2.1 or one of the 1.3 betas? Can you make a screenshot of the errors?

This is a part of it. Hope it will help. If it matters when I use react-native it builds fine on my device so that is not the problem.
This only happens when I hit run in the xcode. If I just use the terminal everything works, but not in the device itself, only in the simulator.

I don’t see any errors. I only see warnings.

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The yellow triangles are warnings, not errors. So you should still be able to compile and run the app. What happens when you click run?

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Well now it’s working for some reason. Don’t know what I did wrong. Sorry for the false alarm. At least now I know these are warnings and not errors. Thanks for the help.