Meteor IOS App screen flicker after resume (

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I have been experiencing this flickering and I am not sure where it comes from and if that is expected. The flicker/refresh length seems to be at some point proportional with the duration that I have the app in the background.

  1. press Home, take it to background, get it app again, no observable flicker.
  2. Take the app to background for 10 sec, resume…notice a short flicker (milliseconds)
  3. Same as 2. for a longer time see a longer flicker.
  4. Take the phone in standby for a few seconds, start the app, you see what you see in this video: In the video, at the top right at the app there is a “spinner” on subscriptions ready.

Would really appreciate some help if anyone is familiar with this.

Other details:

I am seeing this behavior since the beginning of this development and couldn’t say it was picked up on the way.
I am using react-router and I have logs left all over the app to see the route I am at and I am always resuming on the route where I left it. Sometimes when it resumes, it does it with the background color of the . I know that because I change that color at times in some pages. In the video attached you see it black but it may be pink or green depending on what the body color is at that time.

It almost looks like a mobile app except that there are all this little pieces which … you know…promise the thumb down from your users.

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As many times community based development is gold, amazing and lovely, other times is nightmare.
The issue was with this package:
After turning the house upside-down…removed this package and everything is bliss. The package didn’t do the job properly anyway.