Meteor/IronRouter update data being published

My goal is to have a map on a page where you can click countries. The data below the map will change accordingly with the selected country. I have a listener that is called when a country is clicked. From there I can get a iso code (ex United States = US) that corresponds to an iso code of a country in my MongoDB collection named countries. This is currently my code (part of it) in the isClient() section of my js file. {
  this.route("countries", {
    path: "/countries/:_id",
    template: "countriesPage",
    data:function() {return {country: Countries.findOne({isoCode: this.params._id})}},

I attempt to update the URL via the onclick event by using

window.history.pushState("object or string", "Title",;

^ id = iso code ^
When this is called the URL changes, but the page does not change. So how could I do this without reloading the page?

I got it! All you need to do is use this little handy method :smile:

Router.go('countries', {_id:});

_id is defined in my as you can see above!