Meteor is about to pwn Rails

Come on guys, we can do it! Get some extra stars and we can post this on HN :smiley:


Links for convenience below. About 300 stars needed.

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Come on astronauts!! Let’s own them

Another link for convenience:>1&s=stars&type=Repositories

This is exciting and completely deserved, Meteor is a game changer! :muscle:

Edit: Someone update the muscle icon, sheesh!

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Not to put a downer on the party, but may I suggest usage metrics are more relevant
Id post graphics/urls but am too new here.

I think Rails is the wrong benchmark anyway. Frameworks compete for usage like currencies…and inflate their value away until their total debasement :smile: We struggle to leave because we are too far invested (hence, “Why is Meteor’s adotpion so slow” on this forum). My impression from Mr Schmidts talk at July Devshop is that Meteor aims to be more than a framework. Perhaps the Sun, or at least JBoss of the coming realtime web. Im probably off base with that - but that would be a great vision and I sincerely hope they achieve as much (as Sun).

Forks < Likes || Likes > Forks ?

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It happened!