Meteor is Awesome! - I used Meteor to implement and successfully deployed "GoLottoGo" Lottery iOS Application to Apple's App Store - Thanks to Meteor

Meteor is Awesome!

I want to thank everyone who had contribute to this METEOR FORUM. I found a lot of useful tips within this FORUM.
I used Meteor to implement and successfully deployed “GoLottoGo” Lottery iOS Application to Apple’s App Store.

METEOR is robust and works well with Angular JS, Cordova, jQuery, ionic, and I am happy that my GoLottoGo iOS application can consume my GoLottoGo’s ASP.NET Web API web service.

METEOR Team had proven that METEOR is a great FullStack JavaScript Framework.




Hi Everyone,

If you are interesting in being a beta tester for GoLottoGo iOS application, please email me your Apple’s ID (Email address that you have register witth Apple). I will be glad to invite you to test GoLottoGo lottery number generator application.

Thank you in advance,

Brian Nguyen

Please listen to that entire podcast, I think it could help your business. You’re giving people false hope in gambling against static odds.

“Charge a fool a dollar to think they can beat the basic rules of statistics”. I’m not sure if I could sleep at night having built something fraudulent and so potentially damaging to people.

Let’s a flip a coin 10 times.

Results from 10 flips: 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 0

Your User:
Wow, there are 6 zeroes and 4 ones, this must mean that I have a better chance of getting 0 than 1.

  • Gives you a dollar *
  • Goes and wastes a dollar on actual lottery because I think odds are different because someone fooled me because I don’t know math *

This is a finite sample from a probability distribution which describes a sample of N, where N approaches infinity. You are basically fooling people into giving you a dollar who are not able to understand this. You should be absolutely ashamed of exploiting ignorance like this.

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.”

  • Robert Oppenheimer / Bhagavad Gita