Meteor is not working on internet explorer

Hi ,
I am new in meteor . My App is working on chrome,Firefox but it is not working on internet explorer

Here is my code

           Router.route('/', function () {
          var resume = {};

on chrome and firefox it is showing image

But on firefox it showing nothing but When I type Router.go(‘HomeTemplateForDesktop’) on console it is showing the page

Please suggest any solution for that

Thanks in advance.

Are you getting errors in the console? That would my first place to look in IE.

No, I am not getting any error in console . Once I got the message that "Oops, looks like there’s no route on the client or the server for url: “” .
this link is working in Chrome ,firefox
And if I hit “” it is working

Check if IE is in compatibility mode. if so, turn it off.

Please tell from where we can check compatibility mode??


Which IE is that even?

Setting compatibility did not work for me .
My IE version is 11.0.42

I am getting same issue for the Android package also .
If it is compatibility issue then why this link work for me “

I have noticed that the controller is not enter in the Router.route function

         Router.route('/', function () { 

Any help will be appreciate.

Hi I am facing the same issue. Any updates??? @astrea123

The problem was not in the Meteor code. I had the problem in DOM. The css contained position: relative and it made my div hide. Hence I thought it was a Meteor error. Thanks!!! :wink: Meteor works fine for me in Internet explorer, firefox, chrome as well as Safari.