Meteor is very slow when the server is restarting


I have a problem, when I edit a component, Meteor restart the app and check every package version. It’s very slow. I need to wait 5 or more seconds to see my page reloaded. => see my screenshot (at every modification, it shows that).

Do you have an idea of this problem ? Thanks in advance.

What version of Meteor are you using?

I use Meteor

Common issues with rebuild times are:

  • Using pre-1.4.2.x Meteor (@rjakobsson’s point) .
  • Poor project file structure.
  • Developing on Windows*.
  • Accidentally including large (and/or many) non-essential files into the build process.

* This is not a dig at Windows - I develop Meteor on Windows and Linux. Linux is faster.

It’s strange because I juste started. I follow this tutorial, I am at this step:

I develop on IOS.

Thanks for your help.

Finaly, I solved the problem by reinstalling Meteor with this explication: :slight_smile: