Meteor isn't installing after I remove some files

I installed Meteor for Windows 7. On my computer, I have two partitions of my hard drive: C: for operating system, and D: for everything else. The C: drive has just enough space for the OS, so I wanted to install Meteor on D:. However, the installer directly installed onto C, and the installation stopped halfway through saying that it ran out of space.

I deleted some files to restart the installation (bad idea on my part). Specifically, I removed from the AppData\Local.meteor directory, the meteorsession file, prefetch files, and the PackageCache directory. I also deleted the PATH environment variable set up by the installation (only the AppData\Local.meteor directory; the other paths I didn’t delete).

So I restarted my computer and started to install again and this time it doesn’t download anything and just jumps directly to the “Meteor has now been installed” screen. I’m guessing that there’s some leftover files hiding around somewhere that the installer uses to check to see if Meteor has already been installed. So what should I do to clear these/what’s the actual cause of the issue? Let me know if there is additional data needed and I’ll try my best to supply it.


EDIT: I’ve posted on stackexchange here as well

Any luck if you uninstall via Programs & Features?

(I’m a new user and can’t post photos, so there’s a screenshot)

I tried that twice actually (because I’ve ran the installer countless times). It says that there is an error uninstalling Meteor because it may have already been uninstalled.

I ran into same issue and tried uninstalling and it worked fine for me.