Meteor isn't releasing RAM

Hey there, I’m doing some stress testing for my app right now. I’m reloading it 2-4 times per second for one minute to test how much resources It will be expected to consume.

I’ve loaded up a collection with 500 posts that it sorts from an index limited to 20. However, reloading this many times causes my RAM to jump to 500MB and cpu to 50%. After the test the CPU drops to .2 but the ram stays at 500 even after all clients close out.

Is this from session caching? Is there a way to make this more efficient? Is there a way to get the RAM back?


I did some trouble shooting using Meteor toys and it turns out I wasn’t using the limit right. I’m trying to dynamically limit the posts based on the “page” your on using lazy loading, and it was loading all the posts at once.

I fixed that and it seems to have solved my problems of both A) Using a lot of resources per reload, and B) Releasing the ram when done :slight_smile:

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