Meteor issue on Windows 8.1



I’m having issues running meteor on windows. Firstly I got the the following error: C:\Users\Adam\AppData\Local\.meteor\packages\meteor-tool\1.3.5_1\\dev_bundle\lib\node_modules\meteor-promise\promise_server.js:165 throw error; ^ TypeError: Cannot call method 'join' of undefined at Table._generateQuestionMarks (C:\tools\packaging\catalog\catalog-remote.js:435:57) at Table._buildStatements (C:\tools\packaging\catalog\catalog-remote.js:425:28) at new Table (C:\tools\packaging\catalog\catalog-remote.js:418:8) at RemoteCatalog.initialize (C:\tools\packaging\catalog\catalog-remote.js:696:26) at C:\tools\cli\main.js:763:20

I fixed that by looking at this issue on github:

However i’m now getting the next error while building…

      throw error;

TypeError: _.findWhere is not a function
    at Object.recordPackages (C:\tools\meteor-services\stats.js:43:9)
    at bundleApp (C:\tools\runners\run-app.js:566:15)
    at AppRunner._runOnce (C:\tools\runners\run-app.js:625:35)
    at AppRunner._fiber (C:\tools\runners\run-app.js:884:28)
    at C:\tools\runners\run-app.js:402:12

I cant run any meteor project or work on any of them now. I reinstalled meteor a couple of times. Rebooted my computer a couple of times. What is the best thing to do? Maybe downgrade? Has anyone got this error yet?

I’m using meteor 1.4.1 on windows 8.1.