Meteor Javascript works only after reload

Hey Meteorites,

I have 2 templates, page 1 & page 2

when I navigate to page2 from page1 using iron router router.go, the template changes to page2 but I can’t expand my sidenav(my theme js does not work). There is no error message

if I reload page2 then It works perfectly. &

If I use page2 as default route for “/” . Everything works perfectly(since page reload first time when default route is loaded).

I checked and found that all the events are working perfectly fine with router.go as well as reload.

I cannot think why it does not work without reload as Javascript & css is minified and loaded all at once.

P.S. - I have imported theme js and css using import and have client side code in imports directory as per meteor guide.

Any help with finding what could possibly go wrong is deeply appreciated.