Meteor job collection worker asks for Account and Password

I have installed meteor job collection package and this is the code i am using

// node.js Worker 
var DDP = require('ddp'); 
var DDPlogin = require('ddp-login'); 
var Job = require('meteor-job'); 
// `Job` here has essentially the same API as JobCollection on Meteor. 
// In fact, job-collection is built on top of the 'meteor-job' npm package! 
// Setup the DDP connection 
var ddp = new DDP({ 
  host: "localhost", 
  port: 3000, 
  use_ejson: true 
// Connect Job with this DDP session 
// Open the DDP connection 
ddp.connect(function (err) { 
  if (err) throw err; 
  // Call below will prompt for email/password if an 
  // authToken isn't available in the process environment 
  DDPlogin(ddp, function (err, token) { 
    if (err) throw err; 
    // We're in! 
    // Create a worker to get sendMail jobs from 'myJobQueue' 
    // This will keep running indefinitely, obtaining new work 
    // from the server whenever it is available. 
    // Note: If this worker was running within the Meteor environment, 
    // Then only the call below is necessary to setup a worker! 
    // However in that case processJobs is a method on the JobCollection 
    // object, and not Job. 
    var workers = Job.processJobs('myJobQueue', 'sendEmail', 
      function (job, cb) { 
        // This will only be called if a 
        // 'sendEmail' job is obtained 
        var email =; // Only one email per job 
        sendEmail(email.address, email.subject, email.message, 
          function(err) { 
            if (err) { 
              job.log("Sending failed with error" + err, 
                {level: 'warning'}); 
    "" + err); 
            } else { 
            // Be sure to invoke the callback 
            // when work on this job has finished 

After running the code,the program asks for Account and Password. What is this account and password?.

If you haven’t already logged into an existing user account then you’ll be asked to login with email/password. This can be the email/password combo for any registered Meteor user (a user register with something like Accounts.createUser for example). For the DDP login specifics, check out the ddp-login npm package docs.

I have created a user,verified the email and i get this error when i run the worker

JobQueue: Received error from getWork():  { error: 403,
  reason: 'Method not authorized',
  details: 'Authenticated user is not permitted to invoke this method.',
  message: 'Method not authorized [403]',
  errorType: 'Meteor.Error' }

I have added this inside if (Meteor.isServer) {

    return true;
    return true;
   return true;
    return true;
    return true;

seems to be working but am changing sendEmail with real function.