Meteor JS any syntax replacement in jquery

So I’ve hired a russian dev that asserts that he’s using javascript, to then further elaborate that the statement is true and just under any circumstance. I’d hate to pay for code that is quite literally written in javascript as apposed to jquery or even meteor js (if it does add to syntax in a way other then templates or collections or something). Is it possible to code in javascript “within the meteor js framework” and what are the nuiances in syntax between jquery and jquery in meteor js or javascript if it is possible to use the “base” javascript instead of jquery. Like the clear giveaways.

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Oh boy. JavaScript is a programing language. Meteor is written in JavaScript. jQuery is a JavaScript library, also written in JavaScript.

The point here is trying to achieve the convenience of having to use wrappers as apposed having to study hardcore coding in face of your own ineptness in rewriting the abstract stuff. The guy finally arrived at the same point and assured of taking full advantage of both meteor js and jquery.

It sounds like you’re just asking him to use libraries so he doesn’t reinvent the wheel? I’m honestly not sure what you’re saying, but either way it’s all JavaScript.

well like reusability if I were to start changing things. the way that it’s coded, as newb I wouldn’t want to learn javascript, and yet as a supposed cretin compared to some genius freelancer I’d rather not completely scrap the javascript stuff and go off on my own writing in abstract/wrappers. Thinking in extremes I’d rather not have to learn the javascript, or really go off writing in shortcuts as supposedly jquery and meteor js are meant to be if he really has used javascript.

Another thing are routers really required if you went “full-retarded” with meteor js if we’re speaking in ideals. Like your hardcore javascript application that your top notch company would have for their website would pretty much be the whole application you download to then use as you wish on your browser without having to be redirected and stuff which is what meteor.js supposedly is. As much router’s are about links and redirecting places isn’t it fundamentally about DB manipulation?

I don’t think you’re going to be very happy maintaining a JavaScript app in Meteor or Backbone, jQuery whatever without moderate level of JavaScript understanding. Hopefully he builds an Admin area so you can just maintain the app from there, like a WordPress site. If it is a complicated app, I think Meteor would be a great way to go to organize everything when building the app, so other developers would understand it who may maintain it in the future.

Routers don’t necessarily change pages with links in SPA but rather views/components within the app to show different data that’s needed in the UI. You need a router if your app is more than a single view i imagine.

It’s a complicated site where I see space for expansion of functionality or added features, and eventually I should get petty about not being hardcore with it and try and go eradicate the routers as they’re not meant to be there (like in your perfect vision of app). What does my future behold? Is it hypothetically possible to make an app without routers as that’s a MVC future which almost sums it up, what I know about routers.

Well there’re templates and stuff, can’t you use those for like the whole of the pages?

Where are you from, are you Russian as well?

routers are there to maintain forward/backward and possibility to specify stuff in URL which will define the state of app at that point. And update that state in URL as u click on stuff.

regarding javascript, Meteor use jQuery and most of the business logic can be written without the Meteor involvment if we are talking about the functional way of programming and small functions each doing just 1 thing and 1 thing only. Easily tested.

But for such level of managing application you really need some developer (maybe better term would be solution architect) who know about it and how to use it to advantage.

Yes, I’m somewhat of a Russian in terms of coming from former USSR member.

Sounds a lot like you support hypothesis where it’s a MVC future with hints at meteor.js being able to get away without it as it handles the timings of things with client/server side things. Any chance templates could utterly substitute all of the necessity in routers?

well, templates are not “global” so there is no sane way how to reference to their “state”.
You can think about router as global template where you can query it’s state and change it orchestrating whole view layout and such.

And yes I think Meteor is nice framework which trigger re-computation when needed using Tracker and doing it automatically also with syncing server and client side DB.
It is nice framework to glue various modules and business logic.

And yes I am usually using one top level template which fetch data for most of the current view.
Router’s role is to render it and provide arguments for it.

I’m guessing thats already a topic. There’s also a video linked that I pretty much only scoped in interests of this thread that appears to explain why java does an app that’s quality as apposed to MVC production sort of thing which is what meteor js is about:

My 2cent is to be careful.

Even though Meteor is a JavaScript framework, and jQuery is a JavaScript library, and both can work together, Meteor does things in very specific ways which are not 100% compatible with out of the box jQuery programming.

So someone who knows a lot of jQuery/JavaScript might be lost in Meteor, or at least try to do things the way they shouldn’t be done in Meteor (manipulate the DOM through jQuery, etc.)

If that hired dev is not already familiar with Meteor and he wants to mix in a bunch of jQuery you’re in for some trouble. It’s as my previous poster said – Meteor and jQuery can work together, but it’s really not something you’d want a junior Meteor dev to handle. That kind of thing requires some very good understanding of the subtleties of Meteor’s Blaze/Tracker and how to do DOM manipulation without getting yourself into a complete mess.

I’m not trying to discourage you. The best advice I could give you would be to learn some Meteor and jQuery yourself, and/or whatever other tools you think will be necessary to successfully accomplish your particular project, so you yourself would gain enough understanding of the technologies involved that you could ask intelligent questions and assess progress and quality of results yourself.

Trying to hire technical folks without having enough of an understanding yourself is a bit of a recipe for disaster.

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