Meteor.JS Datatable Server Side Processing

What I have tried till now

I am writing this because I have been trying with lot of things in Datatable for Meteor, I have use Reactive as well as non reactive packages for Data table including:

aldeed:tabular ephemer:reactive-datatables

I have to use fetch and display records from multiple collections in a data table, I have also tried reywood:publish-composite in aldeed:tabular , it has an issue that we cannot search or sort data of child collection even it is displayed in the data table

Plus I have some custom requirements like inline edit ect (Tried Jeditable for Datatable).

Non Reactive Meteor Datatable Packages are causing issues related to reactivity and I have to refresh the page them to show them correctly which I don’t want.

My Question

Does anyone knows how to do a Server Side Processing of Datatable with Meteor?

I am using iron router so in order to fetch some data and pass to ajax call do I need to create a server side route in iron router?

Anyone if you can give some hint, that would be very helpful, I will then try to write some server side code and try and If I am successful then I will post solution here.

Any other recommendations other than Datatable are also welcome if that are closer to the solution.


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@manusharma Any success on this?

I wrote a package which handles some of these conditions (editing, server side processing), but searching/sorting on child collections is kinda up to the implementer to figure out:

How about