Meteor.js.Demo applications for package "ostrio:files".How upload file in localhost in linux system

Hi ran the demo applications for package “ostrio:files” located at the address:

I installed in Linux and Meteor.js version For running applications made the upload pdf file. Clicking on the link to the stated file is not generated preview(Preview is not available, please download file) and I have no way to save the file on your computer(The failure of a network error).

Command “mongo meteor” I checked the contents of data collection:

{ "_id" : "EytqjTjQN99zDt9Ld", "name" : "uokik_zakupy_przez_internet_ulotka.pdf", "extension" : "pdf", "path" : "assets/app/uploads/uploadedFiles/EytqjTjQN99zDt9Ld.pdf", "meta" : { "blamed" : 0, "secured" : false, "expireAt" : ISODate("2016-09-01T06:04:44.082Z"), "unlisted" : false, "downloads" : 0, "created_at" : 1472623484081 }, "type" : "application/pdf", "size" : 219032, "versions" : { "original" : { "path" : "assets/app/uploads/uploadedFiles/EytqjTjQN99zDt9Ld.pdf", "size" : 219032, "type" : "application/pdf", "extension" : "pdf" } }, "isVideo" : false, "isAudio" : false, "isImage" : false, "isText" : false, "isJSON" : false, "isPDF" : true, "_storagePath" : "assets/app/uploads/uploadedFiles", "_downloadRoute" : "/cdn/storage", "_collectionName" : "uploadedFiles", "public" : false }

I noticed that the file should be saved in the path “assets/app/uploads/uploadedFiles”. Is to save on server localhost Linux I have to create the system path. If so, in which directory.

I’m not familiar with it but it looks like a very active repo so if you don’t get an answer here you could try raising an issue with the question flag on github.

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Thank you for your help.

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  1. Is it solved?
  2. How do you generate downloadable link?

So thanks problem solved

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