Meteor.js For Beginners Book Pre Release (Now Available !)



I would like to announce that a preview to my book Meteor.js For Beginners is now available as a pre-release.

Here is a quick summary of each chapter.

Chapter 1 Getting Started contains a brief introduction to meteor, and provides instruction for downloading and installing Meteor.

Chapter 2 App & Code Structure covers the app and code structure using Meteor Helpers and Meteor’s special folder structure.

Chapter 3 Templating (Spacebars) dives into Meteor’s preferred templating system with hands on examples to get you started.

Chapter 4 Meteor Collections (Database) provides a detailed overview of creating and maintaining MongoDB databases within your Meteor application.

Chapter 5 Publish & Subscribe targets the publication and subscription of collection data with an introduction to Meteor’s client-server interaction.

Chapter 6 Events and Helpers explains the technical aspect of using Meteor events and helpers with Spacebars.

Chapter 7 Routing (Iron Router) introduces the Iron Router package and provides a working example of how to route your application.

Chapter 8 Sessions touches on the power of using session storage to maintain client side variables throughout strategic processes of your application.

Chapter 9 Atmosphere (Meteor’s Packaging Server) walks you through the process of searching, installing, and reviewing packages created by the Meteor community.

Chapter 10 Schemas (Aldeed Simple Schema) provides an overview of creating collection schemas using a well respected package.

Chapter 11 CRUD (Aldeed Autoform) explains basic CRUD methodology using the Autoform package from Atmosphere.

Chapter 12 Project (My Own Website) is a project that contains topics from each of the previous 11 chapters as a working application that you can use to boilerplate your next project.

Chapter 13 Deploying Your Application summarizes all chapters and walks you through the process of deploying and maintaining your application on Meteor’s deployment server.

Instructor’s Guide a guide for instructors or teachers to use as a tool to assist the reader as they work through each chapter of this book.