Meteor.js + GraphQL File Upload

Is there any official way to upload files using Meteor with GraphQL?

I just use slingshot and do it the same way I would in regular meteor. But there’s some blog posts about doing it in a pure graphql way. You could probably also use a regular s3 npm package, and just pass the s3 url to the given mutation.

s3 is for the amazon storage service right?

I would like to upload files to my server, the same where i have the app running.

If you’re using Meteor Galaxy for hosting, you don’t want to upload your own files, as they only give you 500 mb per container with no option to expand.

It’s intended you use Amazon S3 or others. You can upload yourself but only to /tmp

Use Cloudinary, it’s free to use and easy to setup


Im experimenting with:

Check them out…

You can learn more here: