Meteor.js on windows 10

I just fresh installed latest Meteor using choco install meteor and when I go to run meteor within a meteor app or try to create a fresh app with “meteor.bat create testApp” the command just hangs and outputs nothing even with --verbose and --debug. Only meteor --version seems to have any output.

99% of Windows issues with Meteor are caused by anti-virus slowing down file operations, as there are A LOT of files involved in node apps.

I always add exclusions to Windows Defender for

and the meteor folder at C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\.meteor\

This speeds up installs, updates, and builds by about 500%

What prompt are you using? Git bash never seems to work right for meteor so I recommend Cmder, powershell or just cmd.exe


I am using git bash and have not made those exclusions, it seems to be working now thank you!

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This seems like VERY IMPORTANT information for Windows users. Wouldn’t it be worth mentionning in the getting started documentation? Finally, I’m able to develop on Windows instead of a Linux Virtual Machine! Thanks!