Meteor-jsdoc build error : access denied

I am trying to set up meteor-jsdoc package, but when I tried to run meteor-jsdoc build, it give the error as shown in the screenshot.

I am on windows 10 and I am running the cmd as administrator.

Anyone had experience with this?


I had trouble with it, so just went with jsdoc-babel. This is an example of my jsdoc.json file. Note that this produces docs in the .docs folder, at the same level as the .meteor and .git folders.

/* Config file for the docdash theme for jsdoc . */
  "tags": {
    "allowUnknownTags": true
  "source": {
    "include": [ "./imports/api" ],
    "exclude": [ "./.git", "./.meteor", "./node_modules", "./.docs" ],
    "includePattern": ".+\\.js(x|doc)?$"
  "plugins": [ "plugins/markdown", "node_modules/jsdoc-babel" ],
  "babel": {
    "extensions": [ "js", "es6", "jsx" ],
    "presets": [ "es2015", "es2015-loose", "stage-1" ]
  "opts": {
    "encoding": "utf8",
    "destination": "./.docs/",
    "recurse": true,
    "verbose": true
  "markdown": {
    "parser": "gfm",
    "hardwrap": true
  "templates": {
    "cleverLinks": false,
    "monospaceLinks": false,
    "default": {
      "outputSourceFiles": true,
      "includeDate": true

My folder structure looks like this: