Meteor kitchen adding subpages in User Accounts example

I am trying to learn meteor, so I created few sample which worked fine. I searched for boiler plate and came across which is very helpful.

I setup the and added Login with facebook and google out of which Google worked fine.

The sample I am working on need sub pages for which I referred Subpages example and modified code but it is not working as expected.

[![This is how the app looks like][1]][1]

Now the requirement is whenever I click on menu the content should be displayed below the menu.

So I modified the template

<template name="HomePrivate">
	<div class="page-container container">
		<div class="row">
			<div id="navbar" class="navbar navbar-inverse" role="navigation">
				<div class="navbar-container container">
					<div id="listing" class="collapse navbar-collapse">
						<ul id="menu-items" class="nav navbar-nav">
							<li id="menu-item-simple" class="{{menuItemClass 'home_public'}}">
								<a href="{{pathFor 'home_private.general_information'}}">
									<span class="item-title">
										General Information
		<div class="row">
			<div id="subcontent">
				{{> yield region='HomePrivateSubcontent'}}

and in route

this.route("home_private.general_information", {path: "/home_private/general_information", controller: "GeneralInformationController"});

Now when I click on menu item it replaces the menu as well whereas my understanding is the content should be rendered in

{{> yield region='HomePrivateSubcontent'}}

Please advice.