Meteor + Kubernetes (announcement: first draft is ready)

Hello Guys!

Is anyone interested in basic guide of using kubernetes with meteor projects? Like building docker images, docker registry, simple pipelines, versioning, zero-downtime deployments, https, scaling etc?

I can also share my experience with microservice architecture (kubernetes + meteor).

First draft:


I’m. I began to study docker this weekend to make a deploy with it.

That would be nice! Much appreciated.

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I think this would also be a great candidate for the community newsletter (Related: @storyteller what do you think?


If there is an article or something I will be happy to feature it. Please tag/ping me later so I don’t miss it by accident.

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110% - bring it on. I was planning to start figuring this out soon


That would be fantastic!

Would really love to have this… when would this guide be available?
Been searching for documentation on meteor-kubernetes… to no avail.
hope this would be available soon… thank in advance.

could maybe also say a word or two on the topic, i operate all meteor apps on kubernetes

that would be great ! I do not know where to start with Kubernetes !

As OP has completely left us hanging, I’d love to see anything you have on the topic.

Guys, thanks for the replies. I need some time to make a proper guide, but we can start with the basics, I will let you know soon when the first draft will be available on github.

That would be great, personally i use docker swarm for deploy some meteor apps and i’m interested to the know the advantage of kubernetes over swarm :smiley:

I am working through this myself and would find other developers experiences and tips very useful.

Yes please! I would love this.

Sure! Would appreciate a lot.

Almost done, the first draft should be available tomorrow!


Hello Guys!
Sorry for the delay, here you can read the first draft I hope someone will find it useful.
If you can improve something or add new information PRs are welcome!



Thanks! very very useful indeed… will be testing the guide this weekend…
Will this also include gitlab-integration? that would be very much appreciated!

you can take a look at the default gitlab autodevops setup.

I used that to create an gitlab-ci include file. I provide it here as-is (it’s not the most recent one though).

It also includes an opinionated semantic-release flow, which enforces semantic commits and creates a changelog from them. You can ignore that part.

the important bits are meteor-build, docker-build and deploy-to-kubernetes

it uses helm. I am using this chart:

here is the gitlab-ci include file:

I think about open-sourcing it more, but at the moment, consider it as an inspiration.

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