Meteor - large size on disk

Just noticed that my HD is being eaten up more than I expected. I have on Meteor app running on this machine which is located at /myfolder/app and is 2GB in size. But, I also have /home/myfolder/ which is 8GB in size. So, does this sound partiicularly large for an app that has a few pages and is there anything that I can purge to save some space?

Are you talking about the machine that you’re developing on or the one you’re deploying to?

The one that I am developing on.

There is a thread about the /linker directory getting pretty massive. I’d start there.

Thanks. This freed up 0.75G from the 2GB tree, but what the the 8GB tree - is that actually Meteor itself (there are none of my actual app files in this tree) ?
Partial breakdown to illustrate as follows:

         /meteor-tool (3.9GB)
         /xolvio_cucumber (0.68GB)
         /less (0.4GB)

So I’m guessing you’re looking at the .meteor folder? If you dive into packages and meteor-tool, there could be a good chunk there if you’ve used a lot of different releases.

Yes, there is. So can I remove some of the files in there?

Yeah, so out of curiosity, I followed this thread.

Installing meteor will clear out that folder and start building up the packages, etc. as you run your apps again.

If you are running specific releases of meteor, you will need to re-declare those when running meteor for the first time, otherwise you are going to get the latest, which right now looks like