Meteor leadership and identifying what is "official."

I wanted to ask two questions to see if we can get an answer from MDG (ideally, by Geoff or Matt).

I should preface: this is not to single out or wag a finger at anyone at MDG. Instead, I hope that this thread can help shed some light on how developers in the community can better identify conversations/responses from people within MDG that are hypothetical vs. those that have received “the rubber stamp.”

So, first things first: who is calling the shots? As I understand it, Geoff and Matt are recognized as the founders of Meteor/MDG, with Geoff being the CEO. Is this correct? Of those two (perhaps both), who is responsible for giving the final sign off on decisions both within the company and within Meteor the OSS project? I ask because it appears as though some members of MDG are more vocal on the business side while others are more vocal on the OSS side. Who should developers identify as “the one” for each side (business vs. OSS)? Same person? Different person?

Second, when should something be identified as official? When a blog post is released? When an email is sent out? It seems like comments by MDG folks out in the wild are being accidentally interpreted as official statements. The reason I ask this is that I hate to see the community at odds/fighting over the whole Blaze snafu. The path forward on this seems like something that could easily be clarified by leadership within the company. Even an answer like “we don’t know” would be appreciated and—in my eyes—help to fan the flames a bit.

That’s all! I love Meteor and want to see the community stay positive and tight knit like it has been for the past few years. Cheers :smile: