Meteor lint or meteor npm run lint


Hi all,

I would like to add linting to our project but I am a bit confused about which linter to use as there seem to be two different lint mechanisms since Meteor 1.2. There’s Meteor lint, which apparently uses jshint then the guide mentions eslint, installed and run via meteor npm.

I believe that the “meteor lint” command does a build to ensure proper client vs server analysis. Does meteor npm lint using eslint as recommended in the guide do the same (it doesn’t seem to).

My question is: which mechanism should be used? I like the eslint option but it apparently doesn’t do builds to verify client vs server and seems to be the recommended path to take?

Also, what was the purpose of “meteor lint” if the guide recommends a different approach? Is “meteor lint” being deprecated?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks


I had difficulty getting meteor lint working myself, there’s a few issues regarding this on Github. For the time being I use a lint package that is separate from meteor and invoke it via a script using meteor npm lint.

If you need an example