.meteor/local cache

There’s a of stuff cache’d in the .meteor/local directory, plugin-cache and bundler-cache. Are they never cleaned? I noticed an old system, deployed many times, had 1.6GB in plugin-cache/less and the bundler-cache/linked was over 3GB… is that normal?

You can delete that folder and just run the project again .

You can also check this

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I was especially surprised to the years of CSS changes. I’ll try your tool - thanks!

Not really the cleanup I was hoping for…

meteor clean-package-cache --keep-final
› Analyzing packages...
Done Total size: 31.83 GiB
› 0 MiB of packages are about to be removed.
? Do you want to remove these packages? (yN) y
› Removing packages.

Hm, don’t know if --keep-final is broken, but just running it with no arguments, then restarting your meteor app, should clear out everything you’re not using.