Meteor local dev + deployment Or develop on live server

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I have an Ubuntu 17.04 server and I’m doing all the stuff using PuTTy and FTP. So my question is that what is the usage of “Deployment” here?

So many articles suggest that you develop your app in your local computer and then deploy it to live server. So why shouldn’t I just develop it in the live server itself?

Seems like you’d have a much quicker feedback loop working on it locally… live reload, and so on. Plus some development tools may work odd on a server (just a guess). I usually develop locally but use a MLab free-tier DB rather than a local mongo instance. npm start script like:

"start": "MONGO_URL=mongodb:// meteor --settings settings-development.json ",

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Also, when you deploy (build), you get a minified bundle of your client-side code, which is deployed as a node app to your server. In development, you are working with non-minified code that is much easier to debug, obviously.

With the number of times you are saving throughout the day, you want as little latency as possible between hitting the save button in your editor and seeing the results in the browser, so for most, your local environment is going to be much quicker.


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Got my answer :slight_smile: