Meteor login with password returns Unrecognised options error

Hi @martijnwalraven @abernix am trying to login Into my meteor app on mobile using meteor login with password method

am passing both the strings emailId,password as

value: function userLogin(emailId, password, callback) {
Meteor.loginWithPassword({ email: emailId }, password, function (error, result) {
console.log(error, result);
callback(error, result);
error console log goes as given below
details: undefined
error: 400
errorType: "Meteor.Error"
message: "Unrecognized options for login request [400]"
reason: “Unrecognized options for login request”

this happes when i gave the mobile server as my Website deployed on cloud

when i just ran meteor run android-device its sucessfully logging in

where do you think the issue is pls reply asap thank you… :slight_smile:

The part of the code that you’ve shown looks okay, but it’s impossible to tell what might be happening here without more details. Do you have the accounts-password package installed?

A reproduction recipe per the Meteor Issues reporting a bug instructions would be the most helpful thing you could provide in order for the community to help you.

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yes accounts-password package is installed

is there any way to debug things

iam hitting the login with password Method

is there a way to debug
or to look at the password of a certain user