Meteor.loginWithFacebook Larger Image Browser Plugin Blocked


Using Meteor.loginWithFacebook I want a higher resolution picture for the user profile so instead of using Facebook.picture.url I am setting the picture to:

'' + + '/picture/?width=300'

Interestingly when I did this I noticed that browser add on was blocking the domain and preventing picture from showing. When I changed the Privacy Badger setting to allow the domain it was fine.

My options are to:

  1. Just hope most people don’t use Privacy Badger and won’t get pic blocked.
  2. Use the low res Facebook profile picture, which Privacy Badger does not block
  3. Download the picture, store it and then reference the link from elsewhere
  4. Find another means to grab a higher resolution picture

Wondering if the forum has any thoughts or feedback.


I do 3 at the time of user creation. Then the user will update the pic inside my app independently from any other social network. I grab a 500x500 image from FB