Meteor.loginWithGoogle() Doesn't Create New Account

I am developing a web application with Meteor & React and I am currently configuring Google login. Now I’m using Meteor.loginWithGoogle(), but this function doesn’t seem to be doing much:

In the link above, the pop-up window does work as expected, yet once you sign into your google account, nothing else happens. What I’ve been thinking is that instead of using Meteor.loginWithGoogle(), I should first use a function that creates a user account like Accounts.createUser(), yet I haven’t had much success in doing this. Have any of you created social logins in the past with Meteor and could reproduce the steps you did to get there?

Here is my current code:


  service: "google"
  service: "google",
  clientId: "xxx",
  secret: "xxx"

Signup.js (client):

googleLogin() {
  }, function (err) {
  console.log('google error', err.reason);

<div onClick={() => this.googleLogin()} className="signup__loginWithGoog
le"><FontAwesomeIcon icon={['fab', 'google-plus-g']} className{`signup__
loginWithGoogleIcon`} /><div className="signup__loginWithGoogleText">Sign
 in With Google</div></div>

Sorry if this is a stupid question; I’m just really stuck ;(

I tried a got this message: google errror Internal server error.
You should check your server console. Maybe you need to install some extra packages like account-google or something.