Meteor.loginWithPassword does't respond under ipv6 root_url

I’ve been working with angular-meteor and meteor backend for my cross-platform mobile project.
The IOS app store rejected my submission due to well-known ipv6-only network issue.

I have successfully reproduced the bug on my mac. Here is what I have done:

1.set up a NAT64/DNS64 local network following this guidefrom apple.
2.start up a meteor server with this cmd: ROOT_URL="http://2001:2::aab1:e:c6ff:feac:2264:3000" meteor run
3.changed my angular-meteor DDP connection URL using this cmd: window.meteor_runtime_config.DDP_DEFAULT_CONNECTION_URL = 'http://2001:2::aab1:e:c6ff:feac:2264:3000'; my angular-meteor project using ionic cmd ionic serve

After the last 4 steps, I could successfully open my site. The websocket connection seems ok to me. no error log showed up. However, when I came to my login page. The code gets stuck here: Meteor.loginWithPassword(username, password, Angular.bind(this, function(err) { if (err) { console.log('Login error - ', err); failure(err); } else { console.log('Login success'); o.setSession(username, password); success(); } }));

This Meteor.loginWithPassword method never replied.

I’m wondering someone who knows this accounts package or meteor could help me.
My end goal is to make this login work under ipv6.

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@eagles2f have you solved this issue ? I am in the same boat as you

I have the same problem. I have put my app for the review on test flight but it is rejected due to ipv6 problem. Does anyone have the solution ???

@anand1074, for my case, it wasn’t ipv6 issue at all although the app review team had said so. We checked the app on ipv6 network and didn’t find any issue. So I followed suit and merely did a fresh build and uploaded saying we checked and didn’t find any issues. Sent them the videos of our test as well.

They immediately passed us.

Try to test by following the directions here.

@kaiyes I have did the same and its worked. I have tested the application on ipv6 network. its worked fine. I have uploaded saying we have checked the app and didn’t found any issue and it got approved.

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the app review team is a joke !