Meteor.loginWithPassword stopped working

Hey guys,

So, after running my app with users-account for several months, it suddenly stopped working.

Meteor.loggingIn() is returning true but no callbacks are ever called, take a look at my code:

@loginUser = (email, password) ->
	console.log email + "," + password #logs my email and password correctly
	Meteor.loginWithPassword email, password, (error) ->
		console.log "Callback: " + error?.reason #Never gets called back

I’m also using Accounts.onLogin callbacks:

if Meteor.isClient
  Accounts.onLogin ->
    console.log "Logged in" #Nevers gets called back
  Accounts.onLogout ->
    console.log "Logged out" #Nevers gets called back

So, no errors or any clues at what is causing this exactly…

I’ve tried to rollback to accounts-ui to check if the accounts system would work with it, but when trying to login with the standard ui, it doesn’t work: no login, no error message, just the login spinner looping forever :confused:

The same happens when I try to register a new user… I’m probably going to start removing packages from this project to check if there are any compatibility issues

I also am having this problem. Tried removing and re-adding accounts-ui accounts-password but nothing is populated, no buttons or dropdown. Users in the database used to be N, but now it’s 0.

Hey @deborah, It’s been a long time since I had this issue and it was a compatibility issue indeed (it’s been a long time, so I’m not 100% sure, but if I recall correctly it was one of the Kadira’s packages).

thank you - I’m using the kadira packages too (flow router and blaze layout). Do you remember what you did to solve? Did you have to find alternative packages?

I’m about to try removing and re-adding.

@deborah, IIRC it was the kadira monitoring tools (meteorhacks), so It didn’t really caused any compatibility issues with my app code. I have since re-added it to my project and it works fine.

I would recommend creating a copy of your project and start removing packages. When you do so, Meteor will start crashing, since the references for those packages will be gone, so you will need to strip your project’s logic… try to remove everything but your login/accounts logic, which will create an isolated environment for you to search for the culprit.

Doing that now. Thank you for your replies.