Meteor Logo - simple logo customizer/downloader

Meteor Logo: :wink:

Simple app because sometimes Meteor logo is hard to find on the Internet and hard drives. You can choose the color and download svg,font,png files. You can also provide sizes for png files.
Let me know if there is needed some specific ‘legal/trademark’ info or if it isn’t a good idea to publish such app.
There is also source code here:

On the occasion: Are there any written rules about usage of the logo?


Thanks for this! Would be great to have te full logo with the type, too :slight_smile:

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you are right, I’ll add it :wink: As soon as I find good svg file and some free time :wink:

full text logo added :wink: you can switch logos :

MDG probably doesn’t want people messing with the logo. :slight_smile: I obtained a copy of the logo through official channels, and they told me to not change the colors. That’s pretty common among other companies (Twitter, Facebook, etc) with respect to their brand.

The native color picker is a very cool touch! I didn’t even know that was possible.

Yeah, I thought so. We can leave only official colors. It will be cool if someone from MDG could confirm it. Also it should be written down somewhere :wink:

I’ve mentioned it before: I think they need a brand assets page, along the lines of these:


Ok, so I leave it for now. I hope someone from MDG will read this thread and could tell me what I should do with this. I can provide only the colors which are accepted (but which are? ;)).

Just in case I emailed MDG about it :wink:

Color picker removed :wink:
For now there is black, white and one color, the same as on website.
Logo with text can have black/white text and black/white/color logo in it.

Moved to: because of:

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and now it is moved to free ‘Galaxy Package Demo Instance’ hosting :smiley:

btw. I have 9 free Galaxy containers for demo and docs websites… how cool is that! :smiley:

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How does one get access to free demo instance with Galaxy? I need to migrate to somewhere else because it is used by some github repos.

hey, check out this topic and this particular post: Community package docs, demos and other important websites on *

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