Meteor.logout() strange behaviour

I made a small application that uses:

meteor add accounts-base
meteor add accounts-password

i can register a new user with username, email and pass fields but when I logout, meteor delete the email field. why ? . its all on client.

my code to register …

var user=template.find('#regnombre').value;
var email=template.find('#regemail').value;
var pass1=template.find('#regpass1').value;
var pass2=template.find('#regpass2').value;

var userObject = {
username: user,
email: email,
password: pass1

Accounts.createUser(userObject, function (err) {

my code to logout …

"submit #logout-form":function(event,template){

Am running on client.

Are you sure you aren’t trying to add a second user account, that has the same username as an already existing account? If you’ve added a user with just a username/password, then try to add a second user with a username/email/password and the username already exists, createUser will fail (at which point it might look like your email address wasn’t saved). You might want to add a few extra safety checks (like using Accounts.findUserByUsername(username) first), just to make sure.

Otherwise, go back to basics and create a new MeteorPad attempting to re-create just this issue. If it’s still happening, post the MeteorPad link here and we’ll take a look.