Meteor + Lost + Stylus

Hi, total noob here asking dumb questions :smile:
How can I setup my new Meteor project to use Lost grid and Stylus?
Like… there is the awesome package

meteor add juliancwirko:s-jeet

this adds Jeet and Stylus and the whole Nib, Rupture, Autoprefixer with a single stroke.
Is there anything similar for Lost?
If now, what do I need to do?

Thanks a lot for the help :slight_smile:

There is this: stolinski:stylus-multi

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Will try it out, thanks a lot! :smiley:


mmm… question… how do I actually set it up?

I added the package to my Meteor project.
Then I created the main .styl file.
Then I did @import for nib, rupture and axis… as shown in other tutorials.

Then I did not know what to do about the PostCSS stuff (postCSS, Lost, Autoprefixer, Rucksack).
Adding them with @import breaks the app, so this is not the way.
Are they already part of the app and need no further configuration?
Or do I need additional steps to set them up?

I think that those elements are already installed and configured… I’m trying to do Lost stuff and it seems to be working, so I assume they are all working :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey, you might also like two quite fresh packages with new build plugin support and PostCSS customization:

First one has something similar to Lost (build in, but still you can use Lost with it) and with the second one you can use Lost, you just need to add it to the config according documentation.

I’ve added installation instructions for Meteor 1.3 and above :

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@juliancwirko If I wanted your PostCSS package to work inside Vue component files (.vue files) inside the:

<style lang="stylus"></style>

Is there a way to set that up with the current package, or any tips on how I would go about doing that?


Hi, I don’t know much about Vue integration with Meteor :confused: What I know is that this package works only with style files. I don’t plan to integrate any Vue related stuff in this package. Sorry.
Maybe there is another way to use PostCSS when you use Vue integration packages with Meteor. But at the moment I’m not able to help with this.